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Salvaza Mazei

Impatient, emotional and impulsive, Salva’s personality far outstrips her size. A talented but tactless Serenthine, Salva has a prickly relationship with her mother- and most other people she meets.  She is married to Andraz and bonded to Missaki.

Missaki: Salva's Sunbird

Missaki is aggressive, and adventurous, it’s easy to see why she bonded with Salva. She likes eating and can be a little lazy.

Andraz Zana

Salva’s partner, and the sensible one of the pair, Andraz is reserved, bookish, and a keen theatregoer who is very close to his large, troubled family when he’s not punching people through walls. He’s from the remote province of Mevos in Serenthia and bonded to Vask.

Vask: Andraz’s Sunbird

Unusually small and rather sarcastic, Vask is a nullhawk, a sunbird variant who can can quench other birds’ powers, which is useful when you’re much smaller than they are.

Esne Vico

An Pallene engineer stationed at Apion, who has a special relationship with the phoenix caged there. Esne is smart, dedicated and a hard worker who gets on well with people, if a little naïve. Zayce’s younger sister, she isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty.

Calia Sorane

Sorane is a charismatic, ruthless and elegant woman who will do whatever it takes to protect her country. A good friend and a bad woman to cross, Sorane is Archon of the Pallene province of Lucania.

Zayce Vico

Talkative and mercurial, Zayce never settles at any task for long. He joined the Pallene army as a cook after a brief career as a phoenix hunter and a messy breakup with his latest girlfriend.

Apia: The Apion Phoenix

A giant bird whose fire fuels the Apion power station. She’s a valuable resource to the Pallenes. She’s very fond of Esne and cake.